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Project Exonaut – update

I am very excited to announce our latest update to Project Exonaut. It's been a while since our last update but we have made up for the wait with a ton of new content.

Atlas Exosuit - Penny

Gumball's crush, Penny is the Atlas equivalent to Banzai's Bobo Haha, quite possibly the most dominant Exosuit on the Banzai team. Very high tech and a double-shot Bulldog makes Penny a top-notch Exosuit.

Banzai Exosuit - Tina

Tina is a heavy tank with a far-reaching Marksman. She is the Banzai equivalent to NRG. Most people on the team here think she's even better.

Elite Exosuits!

High-level players said they needed something to spend their credits on. I have been teasing something special for high-level players and here it is, special gold variants of Exosuits. These Exouiits not only stand out visually, but in their abilities. These are not just re-colors, they have new stats and weapon mods which fit the high-skill play of our of top Exonauts. They can be yours for only 100,000 credits a each.

New Map - Elmore Carnival

Battle among the Gumball-themed Elmore Carnival! Check out the cool roll-through area in the lower-left, adding a new play dynamic.

New Map - Battlescape Gamma

Veteran Ben 10 Bounty Hunter's player may recognize some elements of this map, as it's a re-imagining of the Moltekron map from our previous shooter. It has been streamlined for Project Exonaut and really lends itself well to long-range sniping.


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