Austin GDC Recap

Austin GDC was last week and it was great. I haven’t been¬† to a conference in 2 years and I have never been to Austin so I was very much looking forward to the trip. Sessions The longer you go to conferences, the less sessions you go to. At least that’s how most people approach […]

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Game design and human evolution

Evolution has provided life on Earth with advantageous behaviors. Sometimes these behaviors that are beneficial in most situations can lead to certain death in others. For example, earthworms sense vibrations in the soil around them and quickly head towards this surface. This allows them to evade their most deadly predators, moles. However, when it rains […]

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Game Design Education – Stop making students write GDDs

I have been involved with a number of educational institutions that have created game design curriculum in recent years. I have seen a dependency on game design documents (GDD) as the hammer of game design eduction. As if having a GDD written, regardless of the quality of its content, has given a student what they […]

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