My name is Brad Merritt. My career has been mixture of illustration, graphic design, programming, and game design. I am now in a managerial role as Game Design Director for WarnerMedia Kids, Adult, & Classics (formerly known as Cartoon Network).

I have lectured about game design, mindmapping, and prototyping at colleges and conventions. I often participate with local grade schools in kids game and programming activities. I have served as a adjunct instructor at Art Institute of Atlanta and judge for numerous game design and game jam competitions. I run the Atlanta Game Developer Meetup.

I believe everything can be solved with mindmaps. Or at least that’s where you should start.

I am an employee of WarnerMedia. The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.


Brad, my high school son loves game programming (AS3) and has gone as far as he can on his own. Are there any high school kids in the Game Developer group or is the group all adults? If not, can you recommend any groups or classes he might go to so he can learn more? Thanks in advance -Bill Nussey


bring back project exonaut , leak the code plx


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