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Animation Workflow with Corona, TexturePacker & Photoshop

I have made the jump from Flash to iOS development and the combination of the Corona SDK and TexturePacker has been super fast and efficient. I have set up a really fast workflow for creating my animations so I thought I would share.

Photoshop Animation Panel

The Photoshop animation panel is amazing. I animate faster in Photoshop now than I ever did in Flash. Here is how to set things up.

  1. Set your animation frames to 0.1 seconds
  2. Rough out your animations
  3. Export as Video at 10 fps (0.1 = 10fps) into its own folder


Set up TexturePacker like you normally would. Bring in your roughs and make them into a sheet. Go ahead and insert your rough animations into your game. How does it look?

Keep working in roughs until you get the animation how you want it to look.  When you want to update your animation you just:

  1. Export video again, replace existing files
  2. Click Publish in TexturePacker

Your sprites are updated in 2 clicks! It's so fast you can edit and check your animations in game almost instantly.

This has been a really big help for me. I hope it helps you develop even faster in Corona SDK.

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