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Project Exonaut – upcoming balance changes

There is an update coming for Exonaut soon and I am putting in some balance changes as well. This is all based on win/loss data for the exosuits.

  • Ultimate Swampfire's weapon mod damage increased slightly
  • Bobo Haha's weapon mod damage decreased slightly
  • Flapjack's weapon mod damage increased slightly
  • Johnny Test's weapon mod damage increased slightly
  • Ultimate Humungousaur's weapon mod damage increased slightly
  • Jake's weapon mod damage increased slightly
  • Rath's weapon mod damage increased slightly

You might notice Rath & Jake have gotten buffed twice in a row. I generally only make small tweaks (1 point of damage can make a huge difference) but the previous buffs for Rath & Jake made almost no difference so they got a bit stronger.

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