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Project Exonaut – Holiday Event


We have another event for Project Exonaut! To compliment the Adventure Time holiday special, we made our holiday event Adveture Time themed.

Event Features:

  • All Adventure Time exosuits (Finn, Jake, Marceline, Ice King and Princess Bubblegum) unlocked
  • Players get 4x XP for playing as Adventure Time exosuits.
  • Helix Grenades are snowballs and player receive a 4x bonus XP for hacks with snowballs
  • Boosts look like presents and all boosts are random
  • Numerous missions for picking up boost presents, which give players significant rewards in credits.
  • Ice King is extra powerful



Most players are below level 10, this means very few players are experiencing the higher-level, branded, exosuits. I want the players to experience more content. Therefore we went a bit overboard with the XP bonus. I want to move that needle and see a much larger percentage of the player population move up the ranks. I also want to make these kind of events valuable to players, so they will come back often and check for new events

I complimented the XP bonus with missions that give big credit rewards, so as players rank up quickly they can have money to purchase new Exosuits, but not as much money as they have XP.

I am Brad Banzai or Brad Atlas. Look for me online.


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