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Project Exonaut – Update 1

We are often making updates to Project Exonaut both from a technical and a gameplay standpoint. I thought I would document our changes here so I can keep up with game balance and fixes. There were a ton of balance updates between sneak and full release so I am only going to list updates made after proper release.

2011-05-13 Patch

  • Heavy Weapon cooldown timers were evened out (i.e. high tech exosuits cooldown got longer, low tech exosuits cooldown got shorter)

Yep, thats it for gameplay changes. There was a gap between the performance of high-tech exosuits and low-tech exosuits so I wanted to even that out a bit. Come play Project Exonaut on cartoonnetwork.com!


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  1. Good to know this. It will help Atlas suits like NRG out a bit. I didn’t notice this, keep the updates coming.

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