Project Exonaut – Changelog 2011-06-13

In addition to the new exosuits and map, there have been a number of other changes to Project Exonaut.

Changelog – 2011 -06-13

Game Features

  • Added Johnny Test exosuit to Banzai Squadron
  • Added Bling Bling Boy exosuit to Atlas Brigade
  • Added Bling Bling Lair map
  • Added chat functionality to game lobby
  • “Marshall” rank fixed to be “Captain”
  • Many new missions added
  • Performance improved on Perplexahedron map

Website Features

  • “Marshall” rank fixed to be “Captain”
  • Faction stats now are calculated per capita by active users.
  • Faction stats uses credits earned instead of XP earned (since XP is capped at level 39)
  • Most active players’ number of hacks is listed
  • Large image of the battle scene uploaded
  • Many new missions added

Balance Changes

  • Finn’s damage and total ammo increased
  • Rex’s damage increased slightly
  • Mordecai’s damage increased slightly
  • Ultimate Big Chill’s Jetpack increased to 5
  • Ultimate Big Chill’s damage increased slightly
  • Ultimate Humungousaur’s Jetpack increased to 3
  • Ultimate Humungousaur’s damage increased slightly
  • Jake’s Jetpack increased to 4
  • Jake’s total ammo increased
  • Rath’s jetpack increased to 3
  • Rath’s damage increased slightly
  • Skalamander’s regen increased to 4

I think that’s it. I will be posting later this week about what informed the balance changes.



Okay, not bad.
Have to admit that what I like the most here is what you did with the website.

>>Faction stats now are calculated per capita by active users.

I think I have an idea of what this is but please explain how exactly it works.


There is a small populations imbalance between the factions, only about 6%, so we offset the factions stats to make the number as if the teams were totally even. We also use the number of active player in the past 7 days to calculate the number of players, so people who sign up and then never play don’t count.


Thank you. That sounds very good. The game is much more enjoyable now, at least I feel that way.


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