Exonaut – Ultimate Kevin & Alien X

After our successful holiday event, just a month later we added two new exosuits, Ultimate Kevin and Alien X from Ben 10. I was very happy to get to add these, as Alien X was easily the most requested exosuit on the forums.


Hey Brad, it’s me, long time no see. I just got back to playing the game a little bit to check on it’s progress.

I actually love the changes. The characters are awesome, things feel balanced, and I enjoy the competition as more players achieve high ranks and levels.

Only problem I have would be the Team Battle. It is the most gliltchiest and the it’s practically impossible for me to play. It may be just me, but then again when I play Free For All’s everything is fine.

Love the progress and the work, keep it up. And I would love to see another post of the statistics in the game like you did before, showing what Exosuits were used the most, what weapons, etc

Once again, good job and keep it up, the game is really fun. I will try to get back on the leaderboards again.

~Reliable Antonio Acrobat


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