Exonaut – New Exosuits and changes

New Exosuits!

For our 1-year anniversary, we took the Ben 10 exosuit, gave it a coat of paint for both Atlas and Banzai. It’s cool to see the “poster” exosuit in the game.

A Big Change

There is an exciting change coming for Exonaut’s 1 year anniversary. Exosuits will no longer be level-locked –  if you have the credits, you can get the Exosuit!

Why Do This?

Looking at the breakdown of players, very, very few players reach high levels. Only 1% of registered players are level 40 or above. Players come to Cartoon Network because they love our characters. I don’t want to loose players because the character they really want to play is too far out of their reach.

High-level Players

I know doing this might make our high-level players feel less special. I hope they don’t feel this way. They are still at the tops of the boards and are still “Elite Exonauts”. Our high-level players are our most loyal and I am planning to do something special for them in the near future. They need something new on which to spend their money 🙂

I am personally very excited about this change. I hope it adds new life, diversity and players to the game.


dude this is an awesome update! i love the new exosuits!

and i really cant wait for that “something special for them in the future”
but cant you give me and the other exonauts a little hint on what it is?


so wait… is this the last of the exosuits or will there be more in the future?


Sorry, no hints quite yet. No, this is not the last of the exosuits. We are still working on lots more stuff for Project Exonaut.


wait. so if the exosuits just need credits to buy, then whats the point of leveling up?


Fame, glory, honor, respect, a feeling of self-worth, a sense of accomplishment, recognition.
Plus new things new things will keep coming out, and he mentioned something special for use higher level players coming soon.


are you ever going to add new modes to project exonaut? because alot of people at the cartoon network forum want one for high level players.


We are mostly focusing on content updates right now. We are working on something special for high-level player though.


This is awesome I’m a elite so I’m getting something special? Awww 🙂 Thanks 😀


Hi Brad!!!!!! I was wondering if you could give us a hint about the high players thing. I hope it’s the Elite Channel like Sinister Ted suggested. Alot of people on the forum would like an Only Elite Channel, that way we can vs all elites and it will be so much fun. When you finish playing a great adversary, you don’t wanna play against low players anymore, that is why we would like the Elite Channel, the game is just boring if you’re just playing agaisnt low players otherwise the game is an absolout success, it is my favorite game of all time. Oh and 1 more thing, if you could do like a board for elites that will determine who is the best. Thank you, Brad.


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