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FusionFall Heroes – details

What is FusionFall Heroes?

FusionFall Heroes is online multiplayer 4-player co-op beat 'em up featuring heroes from the Cartoon Network universe. Players can choose their favorite hero, run missions with their friends, beat up baddies and earn coins. Players can use their cash to buy "blind boxes" which will reward them with new heroes or rank up their existing collection.

Check out the announcement of FusionFall Heroes!

You can play Finn, Dexter, Four Arms, Mordecai and Gumball. Not only that, but we have tons of hero variations. What about Dexter with the Null Void Projector, that can send enemies to the Null Void? Finn with Generator Rex's sword? What about Mordecai taking down enemies with his guitar?

Loads more heroes coming soon 😉


Why Co-op Multiplayer?

Cartoon Network Games Studio focuses on multiplayer, multi-property games. While we love to make competitive games (e.g. TKO and Exonaut), we heard a lot of feedback that many players don't want to compete. So we wanted to make a cooperative games for player who wanted to play together, not against each other. We also included solo modes for players who want to get the hang of the game by themselves before teaming up with other CN fans.


Why in the FusionFall Universe?

FusionFall is an awesome game and a great brand. It's still popular and has a very loyal following. We wanted to give fans of FusionFall, and new players who are unfamiliar with the brand, way to have a quick, bite-sized play sessions of FusionFall. FusionFall

One major goal was to make sure everyone could experience FusionFall Heroes. That means no login or registration is required to play. Another things we are responding to, players wishes to play as the Cartoon Network heroes.

We are all super excited about FusionFall Heroes. I hope to see you all in the game!


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  1. I can’t wait another day! So glad it’ll be released by then 😛

  2. Players can use their cash to buy “blind boxes” which will reward them with new heroes or rank up their existing collection. i dont really get how to buy blind boxes im confused wut do u use the coins for

  3. Click on the SHOP icon (the little shopping cart) from the home screen. In the SHOP you can buy eggs. The eggs are blind box-style in that they give you an item but you don’t know what it is until after you buy it and open it.

  4. Brad for me an alot of other players the game keeps bugging out!
    like some times the characters will move around randomly and when i try to
    hit a monster it doesn’t work! i hope you can fix it.

  5. Shop icon i dont see it hmm Thanks for the tips can u make a video showing what to do.
    – Joseph
    Thank you for helping ill keep playing its a good game

  6. Heres how my creen looks like and i dont see the shop icon http://puu.sh/2oEfh

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone. We are aware of the issues. The problem is, the servers are too full.

    We are working to get more/better servers to better support the player population. We have made big improvements today and will keep doing so!

  8. ok Thanks for noticing excellent game

  9. Joseph, what browser, OS are you on? Also, what is your full display name on CN. Is it just “Captain Joseph”? If you let me know your display name, we can look into the issue.

  10. aaa my name is fabulous joseph cyborg or captain joseph shuriken and i found the shopping icon buts its invisble i just click everywere it also appears after a match

  11. http://puu.sh/2PC8Y.jpg hey brad i got a problem for exonaut Well in the mordecai suit lags my screen as you can see in the picture link the mordecai player got me from far when the mordecais mod is shrot range when it shoots and it lags me up and i cant playw ell i loose with my team or loose in battle i die with no battle played i hate lag fix it

  12. I’m loving Mojo and Rigby, but Rigby seems to have a few glitches. Regular Rigby is just named Rigby, and doesn’t have his little intro animation. The Rigbys that do have that animation seem to show that the animation is too far back. Just as well, all the Rigbys seem to have their health mislabeled on the character selection. Thanks for the update, I’m looking forward to what’s next!

  13. Thanks for the heads up, we’ll fix Rigby up ASAP.

  14. Awesome! Just as well, the images for Mojo and Rigby on the “Your Heroes” page are non-existent 😛

  15. Brad, FusionFall is a good game and all.Even though it’s good, Exonaut and TKO need updates. Its seems like you forgot about TKO.

  16. To quickly add to my last comment, with the release of Omniverse, it kind of seems like an ideal time to finally release Young Ben, update Ben’s look, and release the Young Ben nano. I imagine a simple few missions involving Paradox as an explanation for both Young and Teen Ben wouldn’t be very difficult to implement. Just as well, Van Kliess could finally be actually released, with the Unstable Nano reset to its Fusion Matter form, to kind of close the gap in unreleased nanos we currently have, and have had for a year and a half.


  17. Yep, you can click on my name if you want to see my other junk. Most all of it pertains to potential future updates.

  18. This game is really god, but it only works like 40% of the time. Enemies spawn off the map so you cant get them so the next wave never comes so I have to leave, and also sometimes the little enemies become unresponsive after boss battles so the match never ends. other than that its great!

  19. FusionFall Heroes still wont save any data, its been weeks now. Will it be fixed at the next update?

  20. Are you still having issues? It’s possible your data is corrupted. That can happen, though very, very rarely. Can you try making a new account and see if that saves? If your old data is corrupted, let me know. Tell me your new account name and I all try to gift you with some currency to make up for your lost data.

  21. I can’t seem to save my progress. I tried this game last night it was great! The only draw back is my account wont save the progress. I even made a second to see if it would work. Any Ideas or trouble shooting tips that i may try out. Thanx!

  22. it wont save my progress

  23. can you tell me how to save my progress please

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