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Project Exonaut – Changelog 2011-06-13

In addition to the new exosuits and map, there have been a number of other changes to Project Exonaut.

Changelog - 2011 -06-13

Game Features

  • Added Johnny Test exosuit to Banzai Squadron
  • Added Bling Bling Boy exosuit to Atlas Brigade
  • Added Bling Bling Lair map
  • Added chat functionality to game lobby
  • "Marshall" rank fixed to be "Captain"
  • Many new missions added
  • Performance improved on Perplexahedron map

Website Features

  • "Marshall" rank fixed to be "Captain"
  • Faction stats now are calculated per capita by active users.
  • Faction stats uses credits earned instead of XP earned (since XP is capped at level 39)
  • Most active players' number of hacks is listed
  • Large image of the battle scene uploaded
  • Many new missions added

Balance Changes

  • Finn’s damage and total ammo increased
  • Rex’s damage increased slightly
  • Mordecai’s damage increased slightly
  • Ultimate Big Chill’s Jetpack increased to 5
  • Ultimate Big Chill’s damage increased slightly
  • Ultimate Humungousaur’s Jetpack increased to 3
  • Ultimate Humungousaur’s damage increased slightly
  • Jake’s Jetpack increased to 4
  • Jake’s total ammo increased
  • Rath’s jetpack increased to 3
  • Rath’s damage increased slightly
  • Skalamander’s regen increased to 4

I think that's it. I will be posting later this week about what informed the balance changes.


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