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Adventure Time Battle Party beta!


Oh my Glob, you guys! The Adventure Time Battle Party MOBA is in closed beta. You can get in on that sweet gaming action!

Join the party now!


You can play all day Thursdays, or throw down with the devs during our scheduled play tests, Thursday nights from 8-10 EST!

Join our discussion on Reddit - http://www.reddit.com/r/battleparty/


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  1. Not bad, pretty excited to see the real version of the game 😀

  2. I need some help, everytime I play a party with other players, my system crashes saying a fatal content error occurred. This happens with Exonaut and FFH sometimes, but I am unable to finish a battle party match, as it crashed every time. I’m not sure if its a but in the beta version that will be fixed, or if it is my computer

  3. Could you tell me what anti-virus or ant-spyware software you are using? I know the Unity web player has some issues with certain anti-virus software, such as Avast!

  4. I only have some basic protection on my computer, Norton 360 I believe. I have also updated unity player to the most current version, and that does not help. I can however play the singe-player practice battles no problem, and those are perfect.

  5. Hey, now that it had been released I can play almost crash free and its fantastic. There are only two issues that I think could be corrected. First, Player v Player battles only launch 2/5 of the time, as the waiting for opponents freezes or one player doesn’t load and everyone else is aborted. The other thing is the computer bots arte WAY to hard to beat. If someone on my team leaves (which is everytime) we get smoked. Maybe if someone leaves one of the bots could leave too so its more fair? It is downright impossible to win 1v3 battles in computer mode. Downgrading the difficulty of the bots would make the computer battles way more enjoyable for sure. I’m really enjoying Battle Party now, and I hope for more champ outfits soon.

  6. Unfortunatly the Elo system is not really working out. I have 3 medals, and cannot find any opponents, and I have left it searching for 10 minutes. There is just not enough people on at my rank, and since I cant play, I cant lower my rating to play with lower ranked players. Basically, Im stuck at a higher rank, and I cant play at all. I would not mind playing with lower ranked people if those were the only players on. I have to play as a guest to play at all.

  7. I have a problem i enter on the site to play the game but it just shows me to install unity web player, I installed the program but the game doesn’t work at all.If u can help me please 😀

  8. Are you on Windows and using Internet Explorer? This is a known behavior in that scenario. Can you try a different browser? Like Firefox or Chrome?

  9. every time I click the log in icon and log in keeps on taking me right back to it over and over please help.

  10. every time I click the log in icon and log in keeps on taking me right back to it over and over please help. Why is it doing this?

  11. i have a problem.why the game is not starting? i use mozila firefox

  12. Hey I’m having a problem. For some reason i go to play this it says i need to install unity web player… i do… but then it still doesnt work. i am using chrome.

  13. what was the solvent to Alexandru’s problem. i am having the same one

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