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Adventure Time Battle Party is out




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  1. Hey Brad, I am having an issue with my account. Its called Silent Achilles Alien. I have about 200 friends, and a bunch of requests I have sent out. Every time I play Battle Party, I get random lag spikes every few seconds. They last for a second or two, and longer if someone has performed a big power like an ultimate or I level up and it lags pretty bad. I have another account, Captain Yorick Clone, and that works fine. I have played Exonaut and FusionFall Heroes on my original account and they worked fine. I don’t know whats causing this lag, but it has gotten so bad I cant play on that account anymore. Its very disssapointing because I have a LOT of progress made. I am level 46 and I have almost all the backpacks and outfits. I don’t want lose the time I put into it. If you could help me out that would be great.

  2. Let me ask our team what could cause lag in relation to a certain account.

  3. Hey Brad! I saw the Fan Talk of the Exonaut Thread has changed! I got some ideas, if your team and yourself are willing to put work into the game… Starting off, Elite Biowolf, for banzai. This is what I’m supposing it would look like.. quick edit lol. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img196/6954/qols.jpg, And for atlas its tough. Elite Bling bling boy. http://fp.chatango.com/profileimg/e/x/exonautsoldier/full.jpg That’s how I think it should look like. If you want to bring something new. Armadrillo and Big chill, the normal one.

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