Animation Workflow with Corona, TexturePacker & Photoshop

I have made the jump from Flash to iOS development and the combination of the Corona SDK and TexturePacker has been super fast and efficient. I have set up a really fast workflow for creating my animations so I thought I would share. Photoshop Animation Panel The Photoshop animation panel is amazing. I animate faster […]

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Project Exonaut – Holiday Event

Update We have another event for Project Exonaut! To compliment the Adventure Time holiday special, we made our holiday event Adveture Time themed. Event Features: All Adventure Time exosuits (Finn, Jake, Marceline, Ice King and Princess Bubblegum) unlocked Players get 4x XP for playing as Adventure Time exosuits. Helix Grenades are snowballs and player receive […]

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Project Exonaut – upcoming balance changes

There is an update coming for Exonaut soon and I am putting in some balance changes as well. This is all based on win/loss data for the exosuits. Ultimate Swampfire’s weapon mod damage increased slightly Bobo Haha’s weapon mod damage decreased slightly Flapjack’s weapon mod damage increased slightly Johnny Test’s weapon mod damage increased slightly Ultimate Humungousaur’s weapon mod damage increased […]

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