Project Exonaut – upcoming balance changes

There is an update coming for Exonaut soon and I am putting in some balance changes as well. This is all based on win/loss data for the exosuits. Ultimate Swampfire’s weapon mod damage increased slightly Bobo Haha’s weapon mod damage decreased slightly Flapjack’s weapon mod damage increased slightly Johnny Test’s weapon mod damage increased slightly Ultimate Humungousaur’s weapon mod damage increased […]

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Project Exonaut – Faction Stats update

Updated this week, faction stats are now a measurement of weekly performance. This means faction stats will remain a bit closer, making competition more fierce! Other changes: Bobo Regen and Jetpack decreased from 4 to 3 Gwen’s damage increased slightly Congratulations to Banzai Squadron for being so dominant! Now is your chance to catch up Atlas Brigade!

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How to Properly Imbalance Your Game

Balancing Act Over the past couple of years I have been working on character-based competitive games. These are the kind of games where the word “balance” is repeated ad nauseam.  As a (somewhat) competitive fighting game player myself, I have strived tirelessly to make our games as balanced as possible.  I have created complex tables to value character abilities, poured over win/loss […]

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My friend Steve

This morning I read that my friend Steve Stamatiadis’s game studio, Krome, is closing. I met Steve through Livejournal back in maybe 2000. We finally got to meet and hang out A-Kon in Dallas. We immediately shunned everyone else (including my wife) to talk about video games for 3 days straight. Him, the working professional […]

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